How to Reclaim

All dogs over 6 months of age brought to our shelter as strays are held for 5 days to allow owners reasonable time to reclaim their pet. To reclaim your pet, please visit the shelter in person during our business hours. You will be asked to provide your identification and proof of ownership for the animal. This can be multiple photos, videos, vet records with photo identification proof.

If the animal is not reclaimed during their 5-day stray hold, they will be made available for adoption!

Animals on stray hold are eligible for adoption reservations. This is a $50 donation to ensure being first in line to adopt if the owner does not come forward! To process an adoption reservation, please contact one of our adoption counselors by calling 304-342-1576, or texting 304-693-6521.

ยง19-20-8. Impounding and disposition of dogs; costs and fees.

All dogs seized and impounded as provided in this article, except dogs taken into custody under section two of this article, shall be kept housed and fed in the county or municipal shelter for five days after notice of seizure and impounding has been given or posted as required by this article.

Adoption Fees

At KCHA, we use a variable fee schedule to assign adoption fees. Fees range from $50 to $350 for dogs and $38 to $100 for cats. This variable schedule considers the animal's age, breed, and size.

Some types of dogs and cats are less common and have a higher demand, so their fee might be higher. Other types of dogs and cats are more common, or are older, or have other factors that may make it more difficult to find them a home, meaning their fees may be lower. A variable fee allows animals that are adopted quickly to provide a financial legacy to other animals that have special needs and/or remain at the shelter longer.

We know that each shelter animal is wonderful in its own unique way. A variable fee structure that assigns higher fees to certain high-demand animals ensures we have the funds to provide for other animals that have special needs and/or a more difficult time finding a new home.

**Depending on where you live, additional licenses may apply.
Kanawha County Dog License - $3 | City of Charleston Dog License - $3

What's included?

When you adopt from KCHA, over $350 of services are included in your adoption fee.

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Current vaccinations
  • Deworming
  • Flea and tick treatment
  • Microchipping
  • 30 days free pet insurance
  • More than $600 in coupons from our friends at Petco

Why should I pay the Kanawha County dog tax?

  • $2.70 of the $3.00 tax funds spay/neuter in Kanawha County!
  • It's your dog's ticket home. If a lost dog arrives at KCHA wearing a tag, we can trace the tag and reunite you with your pet.
  • It's the law!

You can purchase Kanawha County dog tags at KCHA or the Kanawha County Courthouse. Download the application here. We also sell tags for the City of Charleston.